Thursday, July 23, 2015

Use it or Lose it

Skimmed the book Brain Fitness.  I was impressed by how much of this information was already familiar to me.  I already knew about use it or lose it.  The key to anti aging, learn something new.  Now there are hundreds of books and web sites for training the brain.  I used one for awhile and then they wanted me to buy in.  Instead I flipped to the free math games that keep my mind bouncing.  I expanded to working on games using words.  My daughter taught me a way to play Scrabble that made it fun, nine tiles instead of 7 and no keeping score.  I am also learning to cook now that my kids are raised.  This is the beauty of thriving.  Instead of all my attention on how to get up, drag myself through the day, then crash to sleep, I have energy and excitement to learn something new.  This is a great feeling.  Now I'm trying to cram a bunch of stuff into the few days before heading back to the school I work at.  I'm excited about that too.  Ten years of counseling is paying off.  I feel happy and blessed to be alive.  Thriving is worth the investment in counseling and the struggle through the crazy maze to find the reward, thriving. 

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