Saturday, November 7, 2015


Thanksgiving....I had an interesting conversation with a student.  She believed that once Halloween is over it is a straight shot to Christmas.  No turkey, no thanksgiving.  I learned that without Thanksgiving I have no appreciation for Christmas.  If I do not recognize the gifts I am given, I am not going to recognize new gifts either.  One year I made lists of things I was grateful for one a day until Thanksgiving.  Eventually I realized giving thanks is an on going process.  Everyday the sun rises, a new day is a gift.  I go to work, employment is a gift.  I have to wash dishes, enough food to eat is a gift.  My aches and pains remind me I have a body, my body is a precious gift.  I observed in the actions of others, without thanksgiving for a gift, the gift might as well not be given.  The funny thing is, if you stop giving the gifts, that is noticed.  I believe an integral part of thriving is thanksgiving.  I don't believe giving thanks makes problems go away, I do believe that gratitude puts them in perspective.  I am thankful for so many things, events, and people.  I can not possibly lists them in one day, so every day I express a bit of gratitude.  A daily dose of gratitude changes my attitude. 

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