Saturday, November 28, 2015

New traditions but....

Don't reinvent the wheel.

This Thanksgiving was a joy and delicious food flowed.  Our refrigerator is still stuffed with food.  I'll freeze some and eat others in new ways.  One of the things I tried was making my own stuffing.  I also bought a box of Stove Top stuffing because I love it.  My sister pointed out that it didn't make sense for me to struggle with making my own stuffing if I already like the Stove Top stuffing.  I thought about it and that makes sense.  I also tried draping the turkey breast with bacon.  I discovered that I don't like my turkey tasting like bacon.  However, the same trick with the ham tasted wonderful.  Learning to cook I am exploring new flavors and ideas.

My daughters and I enjoy gathering for Black Friday sales early in the morning.  The new part of the tradition is instead of going to a restaurant for breakfast, one of my daughters makes these fantastic cinnamon rolls to share.  So yummy.  I found a few items but mostly searched the shelves for items they are looking for the kids.  I am thankful I no longer need to decide what someone else would enjoy.  Sometimes I would get it right but I would feel really sad if I missed and gave them a gift the kids didn't really want.  I love using my phone for Internet searches.  We were looking for Polly Pocket dolls...none to be found for a reason.  Matel bought out the company that made them, changed it to try to copy Barbie, then people stopped buying them.  So they are no longer made.  Any dolls are now collectors items with price tags to match.  I am learning a great deal about keeping in my life the things that I enjoy.  Letting go of the things and changing the things I don't enjoy.  Life is good. 

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