Monday, November 2, 2015

I'm reminded...

I am continuing a critique of a series of statements dubbed Stupid phrases for people to say to someone in crisis.  This is the original article

When I think of your situation, I’m reminded how blessed I am.

I am thankful I have not ever said this to anyone.  If you want to think it fine but please, do not say this statement to anyone in crisis.  If I had the energy, I would want to punch you out. Crisis and troubles in one life does not make anyone else more blessed.  Blessing are not a contest to see who gets the most.  I like the authors take on this. "The beatitudes heap blessing on those that mourn, on those who are meek, on those who are poor in spirit — not on those who are safe, secure, financially stable, and proud."  My view, life is not a comparison contest.  What happens to me does not make your life better.  What happens to you does not make my life worse.  When someone tells me, "My abuse isn't as bad as your abuse" or "Your abuse isn't as bad as my abuse", I want to shout, "abuse is abuse."  On the same idea, "Blessings are blessings."  Some of my most amazing blessing experiences were when I was in the bottom of the deepest pits of despair.  Blessings are showered out on everyone, gratitude helps me recognize my blessings. 

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