Friday, January 9, 2015

After Hardship

After hardship, what do you do?  When life knocks you down?  What do you do?  This article gave me some food for thought.  I certainly felt knocked down again this summer.  I worked so hard and once again felt like one of those cartoon characters that gets run over by a steam roller.  They are scraped up off the road and look like a piece of paper.  Until they finally pop back into shape.  Wiley Coyote squished with just his feet sticking out and eyes on top of the flat pancake as he toddles off.  I appreciated Evan Sanders reminding me that I Have a Choice.  I'm not a little kid any more that had big size people dictating my world.  I'm an adult.  I may get knocked down that is part of living.  I don't need to stay down.  Getting back up is my responsibility.  I can do it too.  KavinCoach was amazed at how many times I walked into his office all beaten down looking for some measure of relief from counseling.  I would pour out my frustration.  He would suggest some changes in my behavior and I would head back into the next week trying again and again and again.  10 years ago I would have never believed there was anything worse than cancer.  Now I know that there are quite a few things worse than cancer.  I am an expert at getting knocked down.  I keep choosing to get back up.  One day at a time, five minutes at a time, baby steps, inching forward, determined to choose to survive and learning to thrive.  After hardship, take a rest if you must, but don't quit. 


colleen Kellie said...

Each morning we are born again.

What we do today

is what matters most.

~ Buddha

jessie said...

This is a lovely post, Ruth. It helped remind me of hope and progress when I've had a rough week. Your dedication and determination is inspiring.

TR said...

"One day at a time, five minutes at a time" that has helped me so many days. xx