Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Break Through

Some days I feel like a fly bouncing on a window, knowing where I want to go but some barrier is keeping from getting there.  Monday I had a break through.  I struggle with eliminating unneeded still useable stuff.  I gave some away and through some away and can actually see real progress.  I'm so excited.  My work room is one of those places if the police ever went in they would think someone trashed the room on purpose.  Nope.....just me not knowing what to do with something I want to keep but not use right away.  Usually, I start hyperventilating within 5 minutes of a cleaning attempt.  I actually worked an entire hour.  I'm so excited.  No pictures yet.  Waiting to get A LOT more progress. 


mulderfan said...

Once I discovered Storage Wars Auctions and Buy & Sell Facebook groups there was no stopping my purge. I guess I needed a reward greater than a less cluttered house. The money incentive was so great, I've decluttered to the point of having EMPTY space in my cupboards...and a brand new stainless steel fridge that I purchased with part of the money I got for my "junk".

Ruth said...

Good for you. I'm still struggling with I-might-need-that-someday syndrome.