Friday, January 2, 2015

Each day new again

"....but when that glorious sun began to climb the horizon life was new to me again. It shone as the bearer of renewed hope and infinite possibilities. So, placing one foot in front of the other, I pressed on."
-- Sir Edmund Hillary
Michael Provost, an amazing photographer on Facebook that shares beautiful pictures with quotes that match the beauty of his photographs.  I don't share his pictures on my blog so you will need to checkout his work on Facebook. 

Beginning of a new year is a time to review and set new goals.  I learned long ago that big changes usually result in failure within a few months.  I learned the value of breaking up those big changes into smaller increments that are more manageable.  Mix in a big dose of determination and I can accomplish those big ideas a little at a time. 

Improve my health
        sleep enough
        eat right
        take my medication

Improve relationships
        quantities of quality time
        listen with intent of understanding
        consider situation from the other person's point of view

Improve spirituality
         study scriptures
         pray and listen for answers
         keep my heart open to promptings

Each day is a new beginning.  Each year gives me an opportunity to look back to enjoy my achievements and continue on in the direction of my main goals.  I also like to decide on adjustments that need to be made.  One adjustment from this past year was that my boundaries were put in place for a reason.  Return lessons for not protecting my boundaries does not need to be a time to beat myself up.  Take a breath, lick my wounds, reset boundaries, and move forward is an acceptable sequence of renewal.  I learned this past year I am hurt enough by mistakes without beating myself.  Choosing to go back into counseling is not a sign of failure.  For me, it means I am strong enough to move forward again.  Pressing on is a day to day commitment.  Placing one foot in front of another even in baby steps is still progress. 

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