Thursday, January 29, 2015

Do the work

Vic Magary is my email personal trainer.  He shares exercise programs and eating Paleo...I don't eat Paleo but I am changing how I eat.  I do exercise.  I love getting his emails.  This weeks email struck me because I am struggling with moving forward in counseling.  I am tackling a major trigger.  His haiku seems appropriate for both mental and physical work:

Suspend disbelief.
Release all expectations.
Just do the damned work.

For improving physical health he emphasizes that there is no magi pixie dust, no incantations, no short cuts to improving physical body.  Same is true for mental health.  No easy street, no short cuts, just straight through.  The work is hard.  Trying to move forward is like wading through thigh high mud.  I've done that.  5K obstacle course with mud pits, walls to climb, and other junk getting in the way.  I proved to myself several years ago I could push beyond what I dreamed I could do physically. I am pushing forward mentally. 

Better Man Project shared a poem that I believe goes along with this:

Me - sliding down

In the pits

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