Friday, January 16, 2015

Hope is stubborn

Sometimes people compare hope to a fragile flower easily trampled and destroyed.  I learned that hope is like a flower but more like a desert bloom.  The blooms tolerate scorching sun, scant rain, and can split rocks with their roots.  Their tenacity for surviving is outstanding.  Hope against hope.....against the odds.....logic has nothing to do with hope.  Hope exists when outside circumstances a person might believe would make feeling hope impossible.  Here's the deal, in my opinion......Hope convinces me that I'm possible.  In the dark of night all hope seems to fade and diminish but dawn would come as surely as the World turns.  Hope is there persuading me to wake up after turning off 2 alarms.  Hope is there when I went into surgery for cancer 13 years ago.  Hope is there when I started counseling.  Hope is there hidden in the darkest crevices of my life.  I would sometimes get discouraged but that stubborn hope would encourage me to get up again and again and again.  I believe that as long as my heart is beating if I search....hope is always there.


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