Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New routines

I hate routines and I can't survive without them.  Why do I hate routines?  Because someone else is always messing mine up so I feel more frustrated than if I didn't have them in the first place.  How's that for weird logic?  I had Fall break.  A week off.....should have been grand....NOPE.  I am all out of sorts trying to get used to the the new routines set in place just before Fall break.  I was late reporting to one of the areas because I forgot I was supposed to be there.  Hard to describe to other people the tail spin I can go in over the simplest of jostles in my life.  The changes can be good ones and I still get out of sorts.  I like being a rut.  Same-o-same-o works for me.  Even missing one thing throws me off. I can't seem to maintain them.  Heavy sigh....just grumpy.  I'll get this worked out. 

I am having some fun..... made Halloween treats with the grandkids. 

I love Autumn..............

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