Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Getting rested

Recovery from a major event takes a long time.  I start to complain it is worse until I go back over old notes as to how long recoveries used to take.  I'm doing better than I realized.  My brain is still scattered and scrambled.  I better understood my challenge when I reread a short message I sent to my sister.  I wrote plain gibberish.  Nothing made sense.  It only looked like a sentence because there was a period at the end.  A collection of words that were not related or cohesive in anyway.  Heavy sigh.  I want to recover faster but my body has its own time schedule.  My body's idea of long enough and mine do not match.  Slowly feeling better. 


Judy said...

At least you used all recognizable words. :-)

Ruth said...

True, they were all actual words. Thanks