Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Many people view a retreat as a get away.  Some place where no phone, electronics, or annoying people can reach you.  Some people consider retreating a failure.  I learned that there is another type of retreating which means I stop spreading myself so thin.  I stop most other activities accept the one I want to focus on.  All energies are focused on one objective.  That means I retreat from everything else for awhile.  2 more days until fashion show.  The major pieces are starting to come together.  Breathe....breathe....breathing.  Breathing is doable. 


Judy said...

You got this.

Tundra Woman said...

Deep breath, Ruth. You can do this-in fact, you ARE doing it. Worry is your "coffee" and some de-caff is called for! It sounds like you're going to your execution instead of a fun activity with the kids. You're helping them make THEIR memories, Ruth. You're helping to awaken and honor their creativity.
As well as your own.

Can't wait to hear how it went-and how excited and proud all of you are of the results of your hard work.

Ruth said...

Thanks Judy. I did get it. Woohoo.

Hi TW, I read this just before the fashion show. My phone wouldn't let me post it but it helped me to back off the worry and let the kids create and do their thing. I am so proud of them.