Sunday, March 27, 2016

Jesus Lives

Greatest news in two words. 

Some may question me, "Why believe in Jesus Christ, when He didn't stop your suffering?"

My answer:

Christ didn't come to stop my suffering, he came to pay my price.  He asks me to follow him.  He will lead me by the still waters.  He teaches love, peace, and forgiveness.  He didn't promise me an easy path, He promised walking His path would be worth it.  Some days I still struggle up that path, but I do not doubt that Christ laid the path and followed it Himself.  Heavenly Father sent a Savior, a deliverer, a way home to Him.  Christ leads the way back. I hit rock bottom, I learned that Christ is the Rock at the Bottom. 

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Judy said...

Someone over at the Old Fashioned page answered the "Why didn't God protect you?" with “The man who hurt you turned away from God and forced his will on you, the fact that you got through it was God’s protection.”