Monday, March 7, 2016

I slept

This weekend I spent a good share of my time sleeping or playing Happy acres on Facebook.  I am feeling rested but with the underlying dread of pedal to the metal this will be a high stress week.  Fashion show on Thursday.  I know all the complex pieces that need to come together for this one moment.  I remind myself 4 more days and it is all finished.  I am super excited about the pieces the students created.  Now the rest of the show will be borrowed.  A thousand things need to be done between now and then.  I am working at keeping my 'grin-and-bare-it' part of my personality tightly leashed. I am focusing on one thing a day that is a must then cramming as much of the other stuff in that I can possibly do. 

Enjoy your is the only one that counts.  Yesterday is gone and done, tomorrow is yet to be.  Today is the one that counts. 

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