Friday, March 4, 2016

My job is to rest.

High stress at work leaves me overwhelmed, exhausted and easily ruffled.  I also struggle with swallowing food, sleeping, and relaxing.  My job this weekend is to rest, rest, rest, rest...did I say rest?  Yea, the big push to the end of the nine weeks of school and the fashion show.  I am watching the pieces starting to fall into place.  It is like the last 10 pieces that need to go into a 1000 piece puzzle.  Those pieces are needed but only fit if everything else is in the right place.  I am using distraction, exercise, popcorn, and other coping strategies.  I know how anxious I can get.  It is my job to sooth myself, reassure me, and take care of me.  Bless sweet husband for taking me to dinner tonight so I didn't have to think about anything when I came home.  Rest rest rest.  I can do the next 6 days, one day at a time, 5 minutes at a time, whatever it takes. 

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