Thursday, August 27, 2015

8 signs

Thanks Judy,
I appreciate you sharing this on your blog.

I am reading through these and recognizing that I am slipping into some of these.  I tend to use passive-agressive behavior when I am cornered or feel like I can't truly say what I feel.  Other times it is free falling backwards into unhealthy habits of hiding from others behind an invisible barbed wire fence. 

Check yourself - how are you doing?

1."Are you nuts?"  I've used questions to manipulate and put down am I doing now?  In my quest for truth I am trying to avoid this kind of behavior.  If I disagree, then I disagree without using manipulative questions. 

2.  Wishing in front of someone else hoping they will get it for me.  I recognize this better when someone wishes that they could get everything done with the hope I will volunteer to take some of their load.  Again the truth campaign encourages me to state what I want without guilting or manipulating the other person.

3. I was raised with these.  I was terrified of compliments because I was always looking for the 'kick' at the end.  My counselor taught me how to give a compliment, it was part of my truth campaign, to state clearly what I appreciate or think the other person as done well. 

4.  Silent treatment from me may mean I never heard them in the first place.  I am sometimes accused of passive-agressive ignoring of the other person.  Being deaf complicates this one.  Again I believe my truth campaign encourages me to say honestly, "I am not in a place that I can have this discussion right now...."  True somethings I will never be in a place to discuss somethings. 

5.  I hadn't thought of procrastination as passive-aggressive behavior.  I need to do a reality check on this one.  I think mine may bounce. 

6.  I was left out often.  I don't like it.  I tend to include people that might not want to be included and feel baffled that they don't all want to be involved.  I come at this one as being the one left out. 

7.  I've been on the receiving end of this one, repeatedly.  I need to figure out how to protect myself from someone sabotaging me.  Not everyone that smiles at you are your friends. 

8. Keeping score and the one-up-on-you game.  This is a constant battle not to slip into these.  I remind myself when I give a gift it is about the pleasure of giving not hoping to get something in return.  Again, my truth campaign keeps me real. 

I am making progress on most of these.  Some I need to look at my behavior again.  Did my reality check bounce on these today? 

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