Thursday, August 20, 2015


I appreciate the comments and email and encouragement and I had a good day.  Most unusual exercise, took preschoolers for a walk.  Mind you these are kiddie buggies, 6 kids to a buggy.  Too hot to play outside so we went for a zigzag walk/trot inside the school.  I had fun and the kids enjoyed the adventure.  Took another nap.  I'm allowing myself to sleep when ever I will.  I am cutting out activities even ones I enjoy to help ease the feelings of overwhelmed.  I know it is not the fun activities, I know from past experience the lessening all activities help me feel better.  I shared a lot on my other blog.  A new word for an old lack of feeling I used to have....

Alexithymia - defined as a person that can not connect to their own emotions. 

I felt emotions but tended to dissociate to where they were no longer available.  Felt like my emotions were locked up and I lost the key to let them out.  

I am thankful to KavinCoach and his persistence in getting me to connect back to my emotions.  I'm also thankful for photography that let me express emotions that seemed locked up without words. words required.




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mulderfan said...

That's an interesting new word, Ruth. I'll have to ponder it!