Monday, August 10, 2015


Ever had the most brilliant ideas and then sit down to write them and they go Pttth.....a flat tire and a flat brain have similarities.  This is the beginning of a new week....the dreaded Monday.  I am fascinated that Monday can be so difficult.  I think part of the issue for me is a busy weekend and getting back to my work week is a change of rhythm.  I seem to miss a beat on Monday.

This past week was trying for several different reasons.  Each year, I like to have a motto for the year to work towards.  Originally, before school started, I chose, "Enjoy the second mile."  This is a reference to Christ telling the Jews that if a Roman soldier demands you to carry his armor for a mile (which by law he could do) instead of one mile walk with him two miles.  Then this week happened.  I am learning a whole new level of flexibility.  I looked for a suitable flexibility quote.  Thanks Yahoo, I found from the following-

Blessed are the flexible, 

for they will not be bent out of shape.

There is my motto....I can be flexible so I am not bent out of shape.   I will look for ways to cope with whiplash changes.  I will also explore when boundaries are appropriate on the job.  I was dubbed difficult at one job because of my inability to be flexible.  When your life is one massive change after another, I cherish sameness.  I eat the same breakfast 5 out of 7 mornings.  I can eat the same thing for lunch and dinner.  I get desperate for stability and mistake rigidness for stability.  Bend in the wind is healthy as long as I keep myself rooted to the ground.  So my new motto for the school year is official:

I can be flexible so 
I am not bent out of shape.

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