Sunday, August 16, 2015

Testing Testing


I am out of sorts.  Cranky. Not sleeping....if you don't sleep you don't dream.  Works that way you know.  I am working at sleeping more.  I went to bed early several nights in a row.  Then bam one of the worse nightmares I had in a long time.  Involving funerals and feeling responsible and guilty then dead inside.  Those nightmares suck.  Then I've been stress eating.  Brownies in the freezer are disappearing at an alarming rate.  Good things are happening too.  I am working out.  I am doing my job.  I am stretching to doing things I've never done at work before.  My motto for the year, "I can be flexible."  This is very difficult for me.  It puts me in a position of letting go of what little I can control, not fun nor easy. Need to sleep, I'll try to do better tomorrow. 

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