Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Road blocks

Driving along and you come on upon a road block....bummer.  No way around and have to sit and wait.  Construction on a narrow road with no other roads around, you wait.  Feel irritated and wait.  Mumble curses and wait some more. 

Finally you are privileged to follow some slow moving vehicle creeping past the workers.  You sense freedom.  Woohoo on the road again.

You drive a few miles down the road and another backup of vehicles.  What now?  More construction?  You wait over an hour?  Really?  What can be the freaking hold up?  The road curves so there is no visible reason why we are waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting?  Are you kidding me?  We only have 3 precious days to see Yellowstone and we are sitting in our car staring at the same trees f o r e v e r!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we get a move on. 

Still waiting

Waited even longer

Feeling totally out of sorts and bent out of shape into an unrecognizable blob of frustration.....

We finally creep forward then wait some more.  5 miles an hour we are really moving now.....(Read that line dripping in sarcasm.) 

Then we round the bend, then stare in awe so see what the hold up was....what road hog was taking up all our time?

A herd of buffalo.

Bison on the Move.....slowly

Road side cafe

All frustration evaporated.  I was suddenly filled with enthusiasm and took pictures as fast as I could.  It was amazing.  I quit counting at 20.  I was too busy taking pictures to finish the count. 

I hope to see buffalo on the trip and amazing things happen for those that wait.  I'm glad we didn't turn around to go back the other way.  Interesting how after knowing the reason, frustration disappeared.  Reasons do make a difference. 

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Jenafer Bauerle said...

Road blocks are just another of lifes little detours.