Friday, February 24, 2012

My Buddy Anger part 2

One of the interesting things I learned about my buddy Anger is if I am already calm I can take quite a bit.  However, if I am simmering at 211 degrees F (or 99 degrees C)  that one more degree sends me to boiling right now.  Many years of counseling were spent sorting through old unfinished business.  Draining Lake Rage takes time to process old hurts that interfere with today's living.  I am learning that I need to take the issues that cause fear, hurt and frustration and process them before Anger yells at me to take care of myself and protect my boundaries.  I still use depression to slow down White Hot Anger that can erupt when certain massive triggers get bumped or sometimes stomped on.  Slowing down the anger is anger management.  There are many tricks and tips that can be collected to bring anger back down to manageable levels.  Some people count to 10...I am closer to the 1000 range.  I find redirecting my activities is more helpful.  Keeping my hands busy while my mind tries to work through what is going on that Anger is demanding my attention.  Journaling or writing a blog post are also ways to sort through and address anger issues.  However, if I use food to stuff anger into a corner by sticking a donut in its mouth, it will subside into sulky silence but next round of Anger will be even stronger.  Ignoring Anger only pisses it off more.  If I am angry, I am ignoring something that I need to process.  I am no longer a child waiting for someone else to fix my frustration.  I am a full grown adult and I am responsible for how I feel and my relationship with Anger.  A search for anger management gives a massive number of choices...finding what works is a personal choice and each person finds their own combination of ways to recognize, manage and resolve issues behind why Anger comes to call.

Hope everyone has a peaceful and enjoyable weekend.

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