Monday, September 1, 2014

30 day challenge

I decided to try Vic's 30 day challenge.  I was introduced to Vic by Joel's Impossible blog.  Vic is into exercise and paleo diet.  I don't follow the diet but I am very interested by his exercise ideas.
I give you the links if you are interested.  What got me interested in Vic's 30 day challenge was his suggestion that 30 days is a smaller commitment to get a person started.  I decided that exercise was one of the areas I wanted to work on.  Right now I have 3 days of heavy exercise and none on the other days.  I am trying for 30 days at least 15 minutes.  That means I can still do my heavy days but I would do some light exercises on the other days.  Kind of even things out a little bit.  I've come a long way from the couch potato that my daughter gave a zumba class for Christmas.

There was a second part to my self challenge.  The other part is to post on my other blog everyday for 30 days.  I have a chart with information that I want to add but I kept stumbling over my own fear. 
I was feeling intimidated by my own desire to share what I learned.  This summer through me for a loop.  I struggled with the idea of what could I say about PTSD if I am struggling again.  This post I remind myself that the reason PTSD is managed but not always cured is the coming back for multiple rounds.  I compare PTSD to diabetes.  Once contracted they can be managed but not always cured.  There are web pages for those that share their cure for PTSD.  I am thrilled for them.  I realized I don't know anything else.  Trauma started around 5 years old or possible younger.  Nightmares are on going....never long without them.  10 years of counseling taught me a lot.  I want to share what I learned for coping and thriving.  Some how I had it in my head that I had to be doing great to share.  Well, I am happier than I have ever been.  Some how my head decided since I am doing so well it is ready to dump off more stuff that I haven't attempted to process.  I figured it was in the past, let it stay there.  Apparently no such luck.  I am bummed out about the increasing number of nightmares.  I feel discouraged that I am looking for another counselor again.  I've come so far.  Deep breathe.  Yes, I have come so far.  The counselor that will be working with me than what happened with my first counselor.  I am walking in with a fairly clear picture of what those nightmares me.  I won't have 6 months of a guessing game of trying to understand what is happening inside my head.  I may be looking for a counselor again but I am a very different person than when I started 10 years ago.  A 30 day challenge is just enough commitment to get me going. 

If you joined a 30 day challenge, what was you choose?

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Judy said...

I want to try Casting Crowns 31 Days to Thrive. However, I've a 30-day challenge to polish another manuscript for submission.

Ruth said...

Good ones.