Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rebel Maven

Facebook game of picking your crafter name.  My friend loves to do crafts and she is very good.  She likes posting fun things and I appreciate what she shares.  This time, out of curiosity, I followed the instructions.  My new crafter name was Rebel Maven.  I didn't know what a Maven was.  Looked it up.

Totally cracked me up:
:  one who is experienced or knowledgeable :  expert; also :  freak 4a 

I'm a rebellious expert freak.  How cool is that?

Someone asked me how I learned so much about computers.  ( I worked as a computer tech for 14 years.)  I grinned and replied, "You know the book, 'Read Me First?'  I did."  I've learned all sorts of things from books.  There are several things that reading doesn't work, cooking and feelings.  Those you just need to do it. 

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