Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Stress lists

 Hope For The Broken Hearted  Shared these links about stress
Literally a list of things for a Christian to help reduce stress.  Pray is topping the list.  The amazing thing I find about prayer is I define my problem to God and He already knows and listens any way.  Kind of awesome when I think about it.  I like the list.
 This one included a stress test.  Crumbs my score was almost double the high score.  Yup, I am very stressed right now.  Makes sense why a  list of web pages about stress would get my attention.  I feel like stress has me by the throat and shaking me like a rag doll.  Set aside one major project.  Realized that one thing added a huge amount of stress that I hadn't acknowledged.  Also has links to a lot more information about stress.  More clinical feel to the page.  I didn't follow all the links.
This is the home page which lists everything on the web page.  This link listed a wide variety of common solutions.  Nothing I didn't recognize.  I still don't do them, I just know what they are.  

One of the common solutions to reducing stress is to go to sleep earlier.  Get enough rest....without nightmares I could.  Not that simple for me.  I would love to get more sleep.  But once I feel rested the nightmare increase.  It just sucks.

Other common solutions is watch what you eat, exercise, breathe, stop and smell the roses, yea a fairly normal cure all list.  Used most of them at one time or another.  This months goal is to add 15 minutes exercise daily.  I have 3 big work outs each week then nothing on the other days.  I decided to add a little bit on the other days to see if it helps to even out how I feel.  One can hope.

Enjoy my roses.  Someday computers will be able to add scent and you will be able to smell them too.  

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