Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Set backs

I'm going to say up front....Set backs suck.

One of the times I hit bottom with my first counselor, he asked me what the advantage was?  I grinned, "I know the territory."  Not only do I know the territory, I know what I need to get back up again because I've already done it.  Discouraged...oh yea.  Giving up....hell no. 

Step one: Breathe....yup I can breathe, slow deep breathes. 
Step two: Exercise....this is the most underestimated mood controller that exists.
Step three:  Say No to as many things as possible.  Even if stuff was easy before...back off.  If I was sick with a contagious illness, I would stay home an recuperate.  Cut myself more slack than I think I need for a while. 
Step four: Assess damage...analyze recent events to give myself clues as to what brought me to this point.  I don't like being here so an outside event triggered the internal melt down. 
Step five:  Be compassionate with myself.  Believe it or not, this is one of the toughest steps.
Step six:  Develop a plan to move forward, again.

Yup, I know the routine.  I didn't have to refer to any notes from my counselors.  I do know how to get moving forward again.  The second cookie is calling my name....I think I can ignore it now.

Inching along

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CZBZ said...

My homelife is complicated. On Sunday, the crazytrain had a free ticket for me to ride and unfortunately, I got on the train and ended up in familiar territory I'd promised never to visit again.

Fortunately, I had emergency powdered sugar in the pantry and four dozen banana cookies later, I could see clearly again. No...I didn't eat all four dozen cookies...ha! The train ride wasn't THAT long.

I totally understand what you're describing and by Sunday night, I was on Step Four. Monday morning Step Five. Today I'm working on Step Six having found my way back Home.