Saturday, September 13, 2014

Not moving

  1. How to have the space to consider the stuff you want to bring with you.
  2. What has outlived its usefulness to you?
  3. How you enjoy moving. In small and easy steps or with great focus and in one burst (or perhaps alternating these or another rhythm again).
  4. Whether you find it wiser to plan ahead or more enjoyable to be open to what you find.
Evan asked these question: What if I am moving how would you answer these?  

I am going to tackle what if I am not moving, how would I answer these?

I am overwhelmed with stuff; I am not willing to let go.  I need to evaluate what I actually want.  One big room looks like a ransacked storage room.  It is supposed to be my sewing/crafting room.  I can walk two feet into the room.  I look at it or think about it and feel overwhelmed.  Evan's questions got me thinking.  I know from past experience I would box up everything and take it with me if I moved.  I know why I am like this.  I moved around a lot after I was married and we went from a U-haul truck to half a pickup truck in 4 years.  I heard moving three times is worse than having a fire.  I lived it. The move in the pickup bed trailer was a desperate move to get away from a miserable situation for my husbands work.  Now I desperately cling to all this stuff.  My daughter tried helping me clean but all I did was end up hyperventilating and having a panic attack.  I felt like such a failure that I hardly go in the room at all unless I absolutely have to.  Heavy sigh.

1.  I have a room that is large with two walk in closets.  Shelves line one wall.  I built a wrap around desk that houses my 2 sewing machines.  (I used to sew professionally so have both a regular machine and a serger.) 2 sets of drawers and cupboards plus shelves in the walk in closet.  I have two book shelves all of this crammed into the room.  Its a disaster area.

2.  I think there are many things stuffed in there that are totally useless.  I know there is a computer book that is 14 years old, back when people still had 6 inch floppy disks and zip drives.  (Kids now days don't even know what those are.)  Some of my drawing stuff and other things crunched in there haven't seen the light of day in 10-20 years.  Hmmm.....  Scary past objects in there.  (Side note:  I still remember the time I foolishly opened one of the mystery boxes from my past.  Set off weeks of reeling night mares.   Scary stuff is not useful.  I need to let it go.)

3.  I prefer easy steps a few boxes at a time preferably over several weeks.  My DH is a one weekend slam it through.  Reorganizing a room seems daunting when I am trying to suppress an anxiety attack at the same time.  However, at school, once I get going I can do a massive amount of moving of stuff all in one go.  Maybe I am giving myself too much time to think about what I am doing.  Head tilt.....maybe I need to rethink my approach.   

4.  I've tried planning ahead and all I do is make plans over and over and over....I use planning to procrastinate doing anything.  Wow! Interesting piece of insight. 

I've tried setting timers.  Using boxes marked: Belong someplace else, keep, and give away.  Even marked throw away. Failed at that.  I am tackling a new approach.  This time I am trying to visualize the space as useable and how would I like to use it.  Instead of thinking about getting rid of, I am flipping it around to what do I want available.  

Should I be brave and have a before and after picture?     Ooooooo scary. 

No pictures yet. 

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mulderfan said...

I've been clearing out and selling the "stuff" on FB Storage Wars groups. Great motivator b/c I made just over $600 in three weeks. No hassle over PU b/c buyers pick up from my front porch and leave the cash is my mailbox. Cool...I never even laid eyes on most of them!

I crammed treasures in the crawl space when I moved here 13 years ago. After 18 years of living in the country for the past 13 years I've been able to go to garage sales. So...too much "stuff"!

I finally made three rules:

If I haven't used it for more than a year, odds are I don't need it.

As for, "stuff" of a decorative nature, if it doesn't have a special meaning or memory, it's just stuff.

The piles of clothes I've grown out of b/c if I ever get down to a healthy weight I will reward myself with a whole new wardrobe.

Gotta go! Saturday is the best time to post "stuff"!