Sunday, February 13, 2011

Compassionate Parenting

I spent some time catching up today.  I read the things I missed for a couple of days.  I enjoy visiting the different blogs to check how things are going.  For some bloggers, no news is good news.  For others a long stretch can be they are wrestling something tough.  And other times they are cheerfully busy going through life.  It is a fascinating world that I am fairly new to it. 

I visit upsi's blog quite often.  I stumbled across her blog in cyberspace and I am glad I landed there.  She reads and shares wonderful ideas.  This link I wish I had read before I had children instead I share it with anyone that is interested.  Upsi read about Chinese women being praised for being 'good mothers' because the children became high achievers.  No comments were made in the article as to what high achievement has to do with being a good mother.  I like this list upsi found on what it takes to be a compassionate parent that teach children to care about themselves and others.  I think my kids would have had a better childhood if I learned these principles when they were little.

Thanks upsi. 


upsi said...

The blogger Steve Sosny has many awesome resources on his site CompassionPower. I'm glad you enjoyed it - I feel really grateful to be reading this kind of information before I have children. I feel like I'm preparing for the biggest most important job of my life.

Glad I found you, too, Ruth.

Ruth said...

Thanks upsi,
I agree that being a parent is an important job. Compensation comes not in money but in one amazing experience after another. I love being a mom and being a grandma is just awesome.
Have a great day,