Sunday, November 2, 2014

Heart touched

I cannot post the pictures that I took with tears running down my face.  The pictures I took are privileged because the models were not actors, they were special needs kids at the high school where I work.  On Halloween, the preschool children go trick or treating on campus to different classrooms that volunteer to have the children come.  One of the classes belong to the special needs kids.  I watched as the older kids carefully and gently made sure every child had a piece of candy in their bag.  I watched such generosity and friendliness between groups that don't interact everyday.  One boy is huge gentle giant of a boy.  Concerned that no one is left out.  I wondered how often he had been left out, not counted, set aside because he doesn't fit in societies idea of acceptable.  I took the pictures to share with parents to show them how much the big kids cared about the little kids.  I am thankful for the opportunity I had to view through my camera this tender exchange of gifts and acceptance.     

And a little child shall lead them.  

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TR said...

What a wonderful experience, thank you for sharing.