Thursday, November 13, 2014

Remind myself

TR left a kind comment on this I reread what I wrote.  Thanks TR I needed to remind myself of tools I know how to use.

I am using several of the tools on the situation that presented itself. 

Reminder I can't fix everything.

Each person needs to walk their own path. 

I'm adding a new one....I don't have to understand to accept. 

Someone else's choices doesn't mean I have to change mine. 

Another reminder to in the past is hellish place to live....I can't change anything and the pain doesn't stop by revisiting old hurts.  I can allow myself to move on.  Moving on includes acknowledging things happened but that doesn't mean those things will control my now.  I am feeling more at peace tonight. 


mulderfan said...

A need to keep reminding myself that "accept" is not synonymous with "approve".

Ruth said...

Good reminder mulderfan, thanks.