Tuesday, November 11, 2014

More things to do for myself


Day 3 of 11 things to start doing for yourself

8. Nurture the relationship you have with yourself and others

Ever notice how relationships take time. Self nurturing takes time too.Victim thinking had me totally focused on what my others thought I should or should not be doing.  time for myself and carrying for relationships just weren't part of that thinking.  Healing means I see the value in my relationships and myself so that I choose to invest my time and energy.  Self neglect is a quick check into see if I am back sliding on caring for myself.  I deserve to nurture my relationships with myself and others.

9. Start treating yourself as you would want others to treat you

Treat myself with the respect I deserve.  If I am not sure what that looks like I need to treat myself with the same compassion I would those I love.  If I don't want other people to call me names then I should not call me names.  If I want others to accept me then I need to accept myself.  Not an easy task when I spent many years hearing that I am selfish if I care for myself.

10. Nurture your mind, body, heart and spirit

I believe this is another way of caring for all of me.  I deserve nurturing.  I didn't get this as a child but there is nothing stopping me from caring for myself now.

11. Develop an attitude of gratitude

I already believe this with all my heart. Gratitude is central to self care and building healthy relationships.  It is seeing all that life gives me as a gift.  Gratitude to God and others keeps me realizing how connected I am to both.  If I believe I can do all things myself, I disconnect from others and feel more isolated.  Seeing how other help me and how Heavenly Father blesses my life helps me see my connections. 

The 'Holiday Season' is in full swing.  This article was a great reminder that taking care of myself is not an after thought but gives me the strength to do the things I wish to do. 

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