Sunday, November 30, 2014

Worked the plan

I promised to report back on my planning for the weekend.
I planned and plotted and prepared everything that I could and some things went wrong.  However, my goal to make sure no one went a way hungry worked.  I went to bed early and slept.  I charted what needed doing and it worked.  We fed people and chatted and took pictures and I am so happy with how things went.  Some people couldn't come and I felt sad.  Some people showed up that I wasn't sure were coming and I felt delighted.  I added one more thing to Thanksgiving.  I used sticky notes and started posting things I am thankful for.  I added to the list whenever I started stressing.  Gratitude became a quick anti depressant that I could add to as needed without unpleasant side effects.  Today, I am allowing myself recuperation time.  Visiting, watching corny Christmas movies, and catching up on blog reading.  I know that part of the process is decompression time.  PTSD doesn't give me time off but with planning and perseverance it does take a back seat. 

Inch by Inch

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