Sunday, August 24, 2014

Do you really trust God?

An old cowboy was riding his horse along a high mountain pass.  The way was perilous and he was very aware of the danger of the cliff on one side and towering mountain on the other.  Suddenly a terrible wind knocked the cowboy of his horse and sent him plummeting over the edge.  As he fell, he hit a small tree which he grabbed and held onto with both hands.  He hung their dangling from this scary height.  He prayed for help. 

From the Heavens the old cowboy heard a voice, "Do you believe?"

 Old cowboy hollered back, "Yes Lord, I believe."

Again from the Heavens he heard the Lord ask, "Do you believe I created the wind that blew you off the cliff?"

Old cowboy confirmed, "Yes Lord, I believe."

The voice from Heaven inquired, "Do you believe I created the tree you are hanging on to?"

Old cowboy again yelled, "Yes Lord, I believe."

Again the voice asked, "Do you believe I can create another wind to blow you back up on to the top of the cliff?"

Old cowboy screamed, "Yes Lord, I believe."

Rumbling from the Heavens, "Then let go."

Often, I hold tenaciously to where I am afraid to "let go" and see if I might fall or fly.  I am not one of those that believe that Heavenly Father will only keep us in the area of what we can handle.  I fully believe He will push us over the edge to see if we will fall or fly.  This world is designed to push us over the edge tsunami, earth quakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are just one section of extreme stressors.  Suffering may happen for a short season.  I also learned that the Lord's short season is much longer than my idea of a short time.  In the story of Joseph sold into Egypt, Joseph was kept in prison for YEARS, then Pharaoh knew exactly where to find him when he was needed.

 Psalms 34:18
18 The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.

Being broken hearted is not a comfortable process.  Easy stuff doesn't break your heart.  Life guarantees, Death and taxes.  I believe heart break could be added to that list of guaranteed life events.  It is not a question of what do you do when your heart is broken, the question is when your heart breaks what are you going to do?

Tough things happen to everyone and how we react is our greatest challenge.  Too often horrible things happen when we are very young without any understanding of events or any coping strategies.  I lived this.  The glib sounding, "God won't give you anything you can't handle.."  causes an extreme desire for me to smack the speaker.  My counselor helped me wrap my mind around the fact that events of my childhood most adults couldn't cope with.  I do believe that there is no wound, no hurt, no error, no sin so severe that Christ atonement can take care of it.  Pious arguments abound when people try to put a limit on Christ redemptive powers.  I feel irritated by these pious souls.  I pray that each of us will receive more compassion than we deserve.  I am thankful for my faith in Christ and my understanding that He is with me, always.

I am sharing a link to one of my favorite poems.  May you feel peace and happiness sometime today. 

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