Tuesday, August 19, 2014

If you would just.....

If you would just do.....be......say......

Mini rant-

Have you ever been struggling along trying to do the best you can and some one comes along with a glib, "If you would just........?" Followed by some simplistic answer that either was already tried or wouldn't work in the actual circumstances.  I have.  I felt judged and found wanting.  If I would just follow their totally impractical or useless suggestions my life would be so much better.  I am working at recognizing that I know myself and my circumstances best.  I may stumble and make mistakes but they are my mistakes to make.  Answers are rarely easy, if they were everyone would find them and use them.

Current challenge sleeping more without increasing nightmares.  So far....epic fail.  Heavy sigh.


Judy said...

Woke up to weird dream last night. The confusing part is that I shouldn't dream at all, being short on sleep. You've had a lot of stress and lots to work through. Hang in there. Your brain is simply doing the best it's able. Remember the bottle of murky water? It takes a lot going in before things clear up in a lot of things in life. I first learned the theory when I was learning Thai. My teachers assured me a lot had to be poured in before anything came out.

mulderfan said...

When my daughter was hospitalized for anorexia most people asked, "Why doesn't she "just" eat." Not in a good place I would reply, "I wonder why her doctors haven't thought of that."

The suggestion given to me regarding nightmares was to calm my mind before I went to sleep. So, I chanted my Buddhist chant as I lay in bed. This chant stopped the "hamster wheel" in my head b/c I couldn't chant and think at the same time! I still have dreams but they are seldom nightmares.

Saying the Serenity Prayer several times before going to sleep works well for me too.

Evan said...

It miffs me more than a little.

The advice often amounts to, "If you were me; you wuoldn't have your problems".

My reply (which I keep to myself): Well, no, I wouldn't; I'd have your problems. And I don't want them.

Ruth said...

Judy thanks for the reminder.

mulderfan...I'll try that....I hadn't thought about using the rhythmic poem like white noise for the brain.

Evan, I love it. I will keep that in mind. Thank you.