Friday, August 8, 2014

Shake it

Skipped a couple to the one that related to yesterday's post:

11. My favorite way to move my body is …

I love to dance.  I stopped when I was so sick I could barely stand.  About 5 years ago my daughter bought me Zumba lessons at a dance studio.  It got me dancing.  I loved working out with my daughter.  Sadly she moved and my interest changed.  Now I work out with video's by Bob, the trainer from Biggest looser.
I also started Karate last year.  I am fascinated by how much I love the karate moves.  I am still struggling with purposefully falling but I am progressing in ways I never expected. 

I love hiking.  I love hiking in the dessert, on a beach, in the forest, you name it I love hiking.  Even more fun to bring my camera and capture tiny miracles that most people walk right past.  A delicate flower, a basking lizard, an interesting rock capture my gaze so I capture that image. 

I love photographing.  For me, photography is a whole body activity.  Standing, crouching, move to get a different perspective or change the angle of light.  Walk around to get the framing just so.  I love moving while shooting pictures.

I love stretching.  You know that big kind of stretch when muscles are whiny and stretching just seems to set the world right again.  Big arm wide arch my back stretching feels wonderful.

I love cuddling....grand kids are tolerant.  They let me cuddle them. 

I love to move my body....I even learned to love my elliptical machine.  It is especially handy when the temperatures hit over 110 degrees F (over 40 degrees C)  outside and it is too freaking hot to go hiking. 

I love walking at the zoo especially with the grandkids.  They look at things with new eyes and share my wonder at the amazing creatures.  I took a bunch of pictures of one of them feeding a goat.  The sheer delight of having the soft goat lips nibble a piece of compressed hay out of his little fingers. 

I love running up stairs.  A few years ago my knees hurt so badly I took the elevator up one story.  I changed my diet by adding coconut water.  The knees are improving and skipping up the stairs is delightful. 

I love breathing.  Feeling my lungs fill with air then slowly releasing.  I love being able to breath. 

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