Monday, October 6, 2014

Difficult conversations

9 Powerful Steps to Manage Difficult Conversations Like a Pro

I'm always on the look out for information on how to interact better with people.  I tend to shut down during difficult conversations. 

I have not succeeded on using these suggestions.  I post it here to keep it marked so I can go back and review ideas.

#7 is extremely difficult when I often don't know what I feel about a conversation until hours or days later. 

If I know a difficult conversation is coming up, I prefer to talk it over with my counselor and review different options of how to handle the conversation.  I realize that one of the suggestions is not to "over prepare."  I don't expect the conversation I practice to be the one I actually have with the person I am talking to.  I am hoping to review this many more times.  I feel that these are key ideas to communicating.  Not every conversation is with a friend in complete agreement with me.  I would add a step before the conversation I would pray.  With someone I love and shares my faith in Christ, I actually say a prayer with them and invite the Holy Spirit to prepare the way for both people. 

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