Thursday, October 16, 2014

What goes up....

must come down.  My body does not love me and holds a grudge.  I spent Fall break National park hopping with DH.  We started in Death Valley and the dunes then wandered up to Mono Lake.  Then over the pass at Yosemite.  I took pictures of Half Dome and El Capitan made famous by Ansel Adams.  Then off to the Redwoods and a life long dream to see where the movie "The Gnomemobile" was shot.  Then back down the middle of California to stroll through the Sequoias.  Explored Boyden cave then off to admire General Sherman. Finished the amazing week at the Lava tubes in Flagstaff, AZ.  What a week we had.  My body slowly recuperated from the hectic trip.  I knew there would be a day of payback.  It wasn't if, it was when.  Today was the day.  I missed work but chose to go to karate.  I love going.  After an hour of the 90 minute class by body packed it up.  Fortunately, I am well familiar of the early symptoms of passing out.  I sat down before I fell down.  My body reassured me exactly who calls the shots in my life.  My mind can push my body but my body pushes back.  I accept the limitations because I have to.  It was an awesome week and so worth one day of feeling like a wilted dandelion.  I'll rest and go again tomorrow.

Death Valley

Sand Dunes

Mono Lake

El Capitan


Fallen Giant

Morning before Sequoia National Park

So close

General Grant

Overlooking Kings Canyon

Boyden Cave

Largest living anything.  Several blue whales could fit inside.


TR said...

Love the photos, thank you for sharing your trip. Me2, sometimes the one day recovery is worth it.

Ruth said...

Your welcome TR.