Thursday, October 9, 2014

Natural healing

One of the 'go to' mantras of new agey pontiffs is the need to get-back-to-nature.  I feel challenged when I go to the garden center. Overwhelmed by choices and finding out the hard way how many things don't work in a desert garden.  I kind of blew all off this back to nature thing.  I love hiking.  I go as often as possible.  This week I immersed myself in nature.  I learned a few things.
Awesome-Fearsome and beautiful is a great description for Death Valley.  Following day were the tufas of mono lake. In awe but not convinced of this mystical power of nature.  Today, first hand, I experienced walking among the Redwoods of Northern California.  This is one of those things you need to experience because words and pictures fail me to describe the amazing moment of walking into a grove of redwoods for the first time.

Pictures to won't post the large pictures.

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