Friday, October 17, 2014

Keep your fork

The best is yet to come.  

I listened to a 20 something rhapsodizing over high school, "the best years of her life."  I didn't have the same reaction.  My feeling was I survived it once I sure don't want to do it again.  Many people look over their shoulders at childhood, elementary, or high school as the absolute ideal age to live.  Or perhaps college is held up as the best days ever.  My early years were a struggle, my teen years I battled enmeshment and denied effects from childhood.  I didn't expect to live long enough to graduate from high school.  I am now a grandmother.  I love it.  I love sending sweet grandchildren home with their parents.  I am happier than ever in my life.  I am starting to truly believe that life is keeps getting better and better.  In this life and the one after, the best is yet to come. 

Towering trees over 1000 years old.

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