Saturday, March 7, 2015

Books, Books, Books

I posted over on my other blog about books. It all started with reading Scott Williams' post  He got me thinking about all my books.  I just bought more books.  I buy many from second hand stores.  Fun to pay $0.69 for a $6 book.  I find them on all sorts of subjects.  One book I hauled home was a huge picture book on volcanoes. My husband asked with a bit of concern in his voice, "Are you planning to read that book?"  Nope, I bought it for the pictures.  Aghast he asked, "Do you plan to take pictures of volcanoes?"  I laughed.  NO.  I bought the book so I could enjoy the pictures without needing to take them myself.  The pictures are awesome.  I love books.  I collected books since I was a kid.  I have many of the books that I bought when I was a kid.  The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet is one of several.  But I also remember struggling with reading.  Spelling was a complete mystery to me.  I took a Free Reading class in high school.  My mother recommended reading Men to Match my Mountains. My mother loved history, I didn't.  Reading it seemed to underline how bad I was at reading as I plowed through the tomb.  The teacher recognized the problem.  He encouraged me to read The Little Prince.  I become drawn into I Never Promised you a Rose Garden.  The teacher continued to point me in different directions until I couldn't read the books fast enough.  (I have since taking a speed reading class that I felt was beneficial.)  I read - a - lot.  Happiness is nothing to do but read a good book.  I use them for entertainment, learning, and religion.  I remember reading the New Testament in junior high.  I must confess I have yet to read the Old testament in its entirety but I have read large sections.  Like my other books, I find friends between the pages.  I think of Joseph sold into Egypt and his story of abuse and rising above to help those that abused him.  His story is an amazing one.  Esther, Ruth, and Naomi are just a few of the incredible women.  My buddy Job, bless that man for his courage and faith in the face of great trial.  Above all the rest, I have come to know Christ through the scriptures.  I also read other books about Christ.  Untamed was a favorite of mine.  Another fascinating book by Doug Giles, If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going! I also remember Bill Cosby's comedian takes and his counsel to 'Read the Bible', Voompa Vooompa Vooompa Ding.

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