Friday, March 27, 2015


Interesting that I can find information on how to learn in an article about cheating.

This article suggests that the way to stop cheating is to create a grading system that evaluates the way students learn. 

This is the 10 criteria they suggest for learning:
Picked ten observable behaviors and named them “Disciplines of a Learner:”

1.     Asks questions

2.     Builds on other people’s ideas

3.     Uses mistakes as learning opportunities

4.     Takes criticism constructively

5.     Speaks up

6.     Welcomes a challenge

7.     Takes risks

8.     Listens with an openness to change

9.     Perseveres in tasks

10.   Decides when to lead and when to follow.

Graded on a four point scale of  4=consistently, 3=often, 2=sometimes, 1=rarely, students could set goals to improve their learning.

I looked over this list and every single one of them is something I can choose to improve.  I am great at asking questions.  Drove some of the people I worked with crazy because I would ask questions about anything and everything.  I think that is why I love books.  Books don't complain about all my questions and I find answers.

I like this way of breaking down learning into things I can turn into goals for self improvement.  I believe I already made the big radical changes in my life, now I am working on ways of improving which way I am going.  I like my work.  I enjoy my family.  I am learning new things.  I want to be better.  I can see why with this list of criteria cheating is a non-issue.  How could someone cheat at persevering?

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