Sunday, March 15, 2015

Heavenly Father sees my possibilities

My sister shares some wonderful links on Facebook.  Many I read for my own inspiration and encouragement.  Every so often one strikes a resounding chord of that is what I wish I could put into words and say.  This is one of them:
Jack Watts is a writer and shares a perspective similar to mine. 

It doesn’t have to be this way, however, and this type of outcome is most definitely not God’s will. God loves you exactly the way you are—in your brokenness, in your despair, and in your uncertainty. He has not given you a spirit of fear. That comes from being abused and not from Him.

He has given you a spirit of love, power, and of a disciplined, sound mind. It resides just below the surface of your troubled heart, waiting for you to do the work necessary to appropriate the inner power that rightfully belongs to you—just as it does with all of God’s children.

Jack's words resonate with my own belief that Heavenly Father loves us and his intent was not for us to see ourselves a crippled.  God sees us complete and whole and beautiful.  He sees in us a perfection we don't seem to see in ourselves.  I also believe that I am responsible for doing the work that brings about healing.  I take very seriously the instruction that I will be saved after all that I can do.  I can't do it all the bridge to the gap that needs to be filled is Christ.  It is my job to reach out to the hem of his coat.  It is my job to have my friends let me down through the roof.  It is my responsibility to take up my bed and walk.  It is my opportunity to thank Him as I recognize his healing hand in this process. 

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