Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Fools

Disturbing evening.  I tried a cute April Fools joke.  I cut out brown construction paper Es and told the students I brought Brown-Es for snack.  The other teachers were far more amused than the students.  I approach the day with caution with good reason.  I was the butt of my brothers jokes, often as a kid.  I was startled, frightened out of my mind, pinched, scared on the stairs so I fell down them, and I was supposed to laugh because it was a joke.  Ha Ha NOT.  I wanted to explore something fun without cruelty.  I felt I succeeded with the Brown-Es.  Later in the evening I was checking out facebook.  Someone posted a clip that was a prank on a subway station where 'UnDead' terrorized some women on board.  The person said it was funny.  I watched the whole thing to see if I missed something.  I didn't.  These women were terrorized and someone that it was funny....over a million views.  What the crap.  What is funny about terrorizing another person?  I lived it.  Those type of "funny" events can leave lasting emotional scars.  I verified for myself that what someone else may consider funny doesn't make it so.  Emotional cruelty is not funny.  Perhaps this is the reason I approach April Fools day with caution.  A joke can slip into out right cruelty all to easily.  Going to be a bad night.  But I know for's not funny.  :(

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