Monday, April 20, 2015

Never say......

My sister and I were chatting this week...nothing new we chat every week.  We call it sister therapy.  We both know what our background is and cut to the chase in many conversations.  For some reason, we talked about never saying, "It can't get worse."  I believe in a weird way that is throwing out a challenge to life and Karma, things can always get worse.  Someone wrote a children's book called, It Can Always be Worse When my children were young I came across it in the library along with several other versions.  (I need to be told things several times to finally get it.)  I was a struggling mom with little kids and feeling sick and kind of poor and always worried and overwhelmed and years away from getting the counseling I needed.  My dark hole gaped wider and deeper as I lied to myself over and can't get worse.   It surely can.  The flip side is it can also get better.  My perspective can can actually improve.....blessings come after the trial.  In the deepest hole of depression I started believing it couldn't get better.  As long as I believed it, it was true.  Darkness clouded my mind suffocating my emotional life.  The darkness swirled around me.  I finally cried out in prayer, "I can't do this any more.".......My prayers were answered with a question, "What are you going to do about it?" 

I worked....I learned....I worked some more....

Rule #1 - Stop lying.....especially to yourself. 
Rule # 2 - I don't look good in orange.
Rule # 3 - I can do anything for 5 minutes including resting for 5 minutes before crawling forward again.

Fragile survivors

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