Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Slow down today

A week of go, go, go is bound to have a backlash day.  I tried to take it easy.  Worked on things needing to do but taking breaks.  Probably should have stayed home from week.  Only 4 weeks left at school and I had zero sympathy for the students finally realizing we are in crunch time and they have a ton of work to do.  I feel like one of the missionaries that put up a cardboard sign on back country road.  The sign read, "The End is Near."  A motorist flipped them off and sped on down the road.  After an all might splash... the missionary mumbled, "Maybe I should have written bridge out."  They have known all year that May would arrive with graduation for Seniors.  I reminded them in another month they will be working and no longer in school.  One or two seemed surprised to have it put quite like that.  I sounded so crabby, yea, I probably should have stayed home. 

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