Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nice vs Kind

mulderfan alerted me to this article.  Thanks mulderfan. I've skipped reading a lot of blog posts lately....mindless video games seem to be my escape right now.  I took the time to skim through then went back and read parts of it more carefully.

I am not to keen on hair splitting.....this is exactly this way or that.  However, as I read I realized she is pointing out a significant difference in motivation.  Her description of kind coming from a place of plenty and sharing abundance and nice being needy driving a desire to fill an emotional need.  I think this is the kind of article than can help a people pleaser (me) see why what they are doing is harmful to themselves and others.  I am working at filling up my own cup without relying on pleasing others to feel good about myself.  Need to sleep....I hope your enjoy the link.


jessie said...

I found this the other day and thought it was interest. Someone else I shared it with felt it was "redefining" words. But I felt that point was really in discussion how, although something may look the same on the outside, it may not be on the inside.
And for me, I've always struggled with "not being nice" if I ever spoke up, expressed my feelings/wants/needs. It's a convenient label for abusers when they want to shame you into doing what they want: "you are NOT nice". Recognizing that I am a kind person is enough for me. :)

Ruth said...

Great point Jessie. Thank you.