Saturday, April 11, 2015

The real healer

On Sundays, I try to share a bit of my belief that Christ is the True Healer.  I worked with a counselor that had lots of letters after his name.  Fortunately for me, his faith was similar to mine.  We talked often about the important role Jesus Christ has in the healing process.  Christ's night in Gethsemane and Resurrection changed everything.  I know that many survivors list religion as one of the things they hate most because how it was used to side with the abuser.  I know because it happened to me.  Pious Hippocrates using scriptural references to manipulate and distort truth makes it difficult to embrace any religion.  However, from a young age I felt a connection to Christ.  I once described it as an unbreakable thread that bound me to Him.  It kept me from flying out of control because I believed in Christ.  I felt much like the woman with an issue of blood for years that audaciously touched the hem of Christ coat.  Christ was immediately aware of the women in the crowded streets, he felt her faith.  Christ revealed his mission to the woman at the well.  The first person that saw the resurrected Christ was a woman.  Many of his miracles were about healing people both body and spirit.  He encouraged, invited, and led the way.  I am thankful for many others sharing their beliefs and views that lift and encourage.  Photographers, Corrie TenBoom, ministers, friends and sister share different up lifting thoughts and encouragement.  All these help.  For me, Christ found me when I was lost and helped to lead me to healing and happiness. 

Hope For The Broken Hearted (Check this out on Facebook)

This is why this ministry exists... to share the hope I found through many trials, illnesses, grief, pain and loss. Jesus is our healer, comforter, and deliverer and our hope.I want to share His comfort and encourage you that He can heal you as well! You may feel like your heart will never heal. You may feel like you have no hope or future and that your life is over, but those are just feelings and God is bigger than anything we think feel, or face. He promises to be near to the brokenhearted and to bind up their wounds. He is faithful and His promises are true and they are for yesterday, today and forever. Cry out to Him, He is as close as a breath away. He sees your tears and hears your cries and He will never leave your side! You will get through all that you are facing with His help!

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