Monday, November 22, 2010


Entire books are written and the scriptures are loaded with references to gratitude and the importance of a grateful heart.  One story I like to share happened when I was working at a Junior High.  At lunch time, a rather harassed looking substitute walked into the teacher's lounge.  I asked how he was doing.  He gasped, "I'm breathing."  I gently nodded and replied, "Breathing is good."  He stared at me as if I had yelled at him.  Then his whole face changed and he smiled and said, "Yeah, breathing is good."  Nothing had changed except he now had something to be grateful for.  
Many years ago, I suffered from severe sleep deprivation with all the aches and pains that go with too little sleep for too long.   I would wake up in the morning feel the pain and think "Well, I am alive another day. What one thing will I get done today?"  One of the reasons I could be depressed and not know it, I had learned to be thankful for little things and weird things like pain meaning you are still alive.

I used to live in Washington state.  One early Spring morning, I looked out the window and was delighted by the host of dandelions in our yard.  Yep, I was thankful for the weeds after a long, cold winter.  Imagine my astonishment when one of them took off.  I put my glasses on and realized I had a yard full of golden finches.  What a miracle;  dandelions turning into finches.  What a lovely treat!  Years later the memory still warms my heart.


Laurel Hawkes said...

Love the dandelion finches.

Ruth said...

Me too. :)