Saturday, November 13, 2010

A place to Share

I know some of you have your own blogs.  Here is an opportunity to share what you have learned from your experience.  I think I learn the most from my writing.  This is copy and pasted from the original entry.  Passing the word along to you. Got to go....I have an entry to work on.   

The Gift of Blogging Confidence: Group Writing Project

by JOANNA on NOVEMBER 1, 2010
What has blogging given you the confidence to write or create and then *share*… that you wouldn’t otherwise have done?
A conversation with  @bradshorr on Twitter the other week got me thinking about this.
About the things I have written, created and shared that I simply would not, could not, otherwise have done.
I guess that I am not alone ;-)
And then thought this might make a good theme for a nearing-the-end-of-the-year group writing project.
It’s a simple way to learn, share, celebrate, and hopefully encourage others to pass on their gifts too.
Web Droplets
How You Can Take Part
1. Simply consider this question:
What has blogging given you the confidence to write or create and then *share*… that you wouldn’t otherwise have done?
2. Then post:
  • Your reflections on the answer plus
  • An example (or two) of your work*
3. Link back to this post within your own post
4. Share the url of your post (the specific post not the home page of your site, otherwise we have to go hunting for the contribution) in the Mr Linky widget below. The widget invites you to comment too – you’re very welcome to, but it’s not necessary.
5. Post your contributions by the end of the last day of November, wherever in the world you are
* Feel free to include links to examples of your own work – interlinking within your own blog is a great way to thicken and strengthen it, as well as helping visitors find their way around
PS If you haven’t had the confidence to take that leap yet, perhaps now is the time!  Write, create and share… then tell us about it ;-)
How A Group Writing Project Works
If you’re new to group writing projects, here’s (roughly) how they work.
One blogger hosts the project, and invites others to write to a theme, question or topic, normally within a specified time period.
Participants take part, including a reference and link to the originating post, to spread a little bit of link love, and to let their readers know about the project (who can then, in turn, take part if so inclined).
The host blogger posts a round up post of all the contributions, possibly including an excerpt (depending on the scale of the project and amount of time available)
Participants and other interested readers might well then visit and comment on the posts that were submitted. This act of commenting is another simple and effective way to get your name and work known, as well as making new connections and friendships.
Participants enjoy the benefits of more / new readers to their blog, and the awareness of being part of a bigger blogging community.
Getting Involved in a Confident Writing Group Writing Project
The principles run something like this:
* You’re very welcome to join in
* Taking part is a good way to attract new readers to your blog
* And to get to know other blogs and bloggers
* Sometimes it can be a way to get past some barriers on the edge of your comfort zone
* Don’t be shy
* You’re very welcome to join in
I’m looking forward to reading all your contributions :-)
The image, web droplets, is by friend  @amypalko who has done a huge amount to boost my own creative confidence.


Judy said...

Hi Ruth,

This writing project sounds great! I'd like to participate, but I'm not sure how to post links to my blog. I'll have to read the directions again. I'm not that computer savvy yet. Can we post articles we've already posted on our blogs? That would be the only way I'd be able to do this.

Also, thanks for stopping by my blog again. I'm very happy to know that my article inspired you.


Ruth said...

I haven't done this particular type of event but I can answer your question about creating a link to your blog. What is suggested go to the blog entry that you would like to share. Then up at the top in the URL space copy all the information. For example this page would be:
Any of your entries you can click on the title and it will take the link to that one entry. I hope you can post. I will be posting and will add a later entry sharing the steps I take. Thanks for sharing.