Monday, April 9, 2012

My Dream

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!”
― Audrey Hepburn

What are your dreams? Not the scary ones, those aren't dreams, those are nightmares.  When I was a teenager, the time when dreams are built and plans set in motion, I was told repeatedly that what I wanted was unworthy.   Not OK.  Not good enough.  "You are too smart to have such a low expectations."  When I entered college I studied for an 'acceptable' career.  Engineering.  Science is a wonderful thing.  I loved studying things with rules and magical things like light and electricity but it wasn't my dream.  It wasn't my passion.  I did the work.  I married and easily left it behind.  Raising 6 kids I dreamed of sharing how wonderful motherhood was.  I didn't take into account that either people already knew or weren't interested in knowing.  Then my own world seem to spiral out of control, I barely functioned.  I loved being a mom but couldn't stand up long enough to do the dishes.  I humbly accepted help from my amazing children and husband.  Hardly the "wonderful" example of motherhood that I imagined for myself.  Long term illness beats a person down to the most essential.  I wake up.  I am in pain.  Therefore, I am still alive.  Damn.  Nope, things in my life just did not pan out the way I wanted at all.  I rebuilt my health by making 7 simple changes in my life.  I studied and learned about more things health wise but I learned nobody wanted to hear about that either.  A million health gurus will tell you how to get healthy.  Then I had cancer.  What a shock.  My world tilted on its axis.  Next, I entered counseling and my world spun out of sight.  I was shocked again to find out that I functioned as a multiple personality.  The healing began.  Integration was my dream.  Then I accomplished it and it wasn't what I expected at all.  Two years ago KavinCoach asked me about my dreams.  What did I dream to be in this life?  I went back to my childhood dream that was rejected... I wanted to make posters that people could put up to remind them about life is possible.  I even made a few.  But my enthusiasm was easily squelched.  Because it was a nice dream but not a passion.  Now NewCounselor asked me the same question.  I freaked.  Not in a good way either...No dreams...or did I?  My friend asked me to come take pictures of her jewelry.  While I shot the pictures we talked.  She is also a friend that had cancer.  She wanted to take her experience and make a difference for someone else.  She started sewing heart shaped pillows just the right size to bring comfort and hope.  She wanted to do more.  She persuaded her friend to let her have space to have a seminar for women with breast cancer.  She invited me to speak.  I accepted gladly.  With tears in my eyes I replied, "I want to teach women that they are beautiful on the outside and the inside no matter what scars they may carry."  There it was my secret passion.  (Men need to know the same thing but I have no experience with being a man.)  This is the reason I wrote my book We Are One.  This is the reason I write this blog.  This is a dream to take what I experienced and build a bridge for the next person to see...Life is Possible.  I have a dream and I am already living it.

 Neil Diamond My Father, We Dream Video

Quote of the day: A dream or a goal isn't made by magic, its made by dedication, persistence, hard work and determination."

Walt DisneyIf you can dream it, you can do it.  
"It's kind of fun to do the impossible. ... do the impossible.”


vicariousrising said...

This post gives me a lot to think about.

The trouble of having narcissist parents and dreams is that I was trained to expect them to be squashed. It's so hard to absorb the wonderful quote by Audrey Hepurn. That I am possible is an attack on my mother. I think I'm finally recognizing that she is the screwy one for making me believe this.

I'm glad you're getting closer to your own good dreams.

Ruth said...

Dream squashing could be added to traits of Narcissistic behavior. Not allowed to have something they don't have. I am glad you are recognizing the source is not you. I am using these quotes to encourage myself. For years, I kept Walt Disney's quote posted in my office. I am a great believer of change your thinking - change your actions. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your insight. You are an amazing woman and you are doing a fabulous job of 'living' your dream. I am grateful for you and your desire to help others.

Jerry said...

Wow, I never heard the 'im-possible' quote before. Thanks for your post.

Laurel Hawkes said...