Saturday, February 9, 2019


Google + failed....people didn't use it enough so all things attached to Google + are going away.  Who says you can't make things go away from the Internet?  Ever gone back to an old post and followed an old connection only to find it gone?  Nothing but an error message and some kind of note blaming you for its nonexistence.  You didn't type it right or something else when you knew that link worked before.  Well if you used Google + it is going the way of the Dodo bird.  Not all social media works.  In fact, several groups of people are encouraging people to get off social media all together.  I agree sort of.  I notice kids totally ignored by parents because they are so absorbed by the little hand held computer called a phone that is used for almost anything accept being a phone.  Hacking the brain is a billion dollar business getting us more hooked to being online than in real time.  Well for me, online is real time.  My kids post keep me current on what the grandkids are doing.  Online are my friends, my tribe, people like me that always felt like outsiders finally found someone that understands the pain, frustration and adventure in healing.  Real life people are afraid to talk to each other.  Online they can babble, rave, or unleash the torrent of words that some how fail to pass our lips.  Or if we do say something we are shut down by those that just don't want to hear it. I am in a several Facebook groups we talk art, PTSD/CPTSD, photography, and other topics that people around me get bored talking about.  In a couple of groups there are over 10,000 people talking about the same thing from their own perspective. I've made friends online.  I worry if they drop off the grid.  I feel sad when they no longer want to connect online.  But each person needs to find their own balance.  I am thankful for this space to share my growing process.  I am thankful for comments and suggestions I received along the way.  I hope to be here for a long time but I understand that if Google doesn't make enough money, this could go away too.  Plus I am morphing myself and not sure where I want to go with writing.  My past is less and less important.  Functioning as a multiple was useful and helped me survive but I am now very used to working as a singleton and my interests are growing to crochet, pour painting, creating sewing projects to serve other, and a wide variety of other things that was lost in my effort to survive.  Thriving is a growing expansion of my horizons.  Thank you to those that are traveling along with me by reading my posts.  I think this space will grow and change too.  I think in the future I need somewhere to share that life is really quite amazing in so many ways.  In my 30's I felt so isolated and alone.  Now, there is a World of people that stop by and read a bit.  Thank you.